Korea Labor Institute

The KLI currently has four outstanding labour law scholars. They are engaged in research and policy-making in the broad field of employment and labour law, addressing the legal aspects of industrial relations, social policies and labour market regulation. Areas of their particular interest and expertise involve the regulation of individual work relationships, collective labour relations (trade unions and other forms of worker representation), corporate governance, social insurance schemes (unemployment and occupational safety and health), and migrant workers. They inherit and develop further the KLI’s prestigious tradition of comparative legal studies that encompass jurisdictions such as Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Recently, they also focus on the transnational dimension of labour regulation and its interaction with international trade/investment, responding to challenges in an increasingly globalized world.

Korea Labor Institute
Bldg. C, Sejong National Research Complex
370, Sicheong-daero, Sejong-si, 30147, Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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