Seminar: Solidarity and Conflict - European Social Law in Crisis

Institute of Labour Law
Oct 18, 2018
Leuven, BE

International scientific and practical seminar «Prospects of labour and social law in the era of digitalization, robotization and precarization of the labour market»

Labour Law Centre | International University "MITSO"
Oct 19, 2018 to Oct 20, 2018
Minsk, BY

What Kind of Work for the Future? Disruption, Experimentation and Re-/Regulation

Inter-University Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT)
Oct 25, 2018 to Oct 27, 2018
Montréal, CA

ALLA 9th Biennial Conference - 'Labour Law: new frontiers, new challenges'

Australian Labour Law Association
Nov 9, 2018 to Nov 10, 2018
Gold Coast, AU

New Forms of Employment - Current problems and Future Challenges

University of Rzeszow
Nov 26, 2018 to Nov 27, 2018
Rzeszów, b.A0, PL

Fundamental Rights at Work, INTRAlaw colloquium

Aarhus University
Nov 26, 2018 to Nov 28, 2018
Aarhus C, DK

Professionality, Employment Contracts and Collective Bargaining in the Context of Social Innovation - Occupational Transitions, Individual and Professional Training, Value of Work in the IV Industrial Revolution

Association for International and Comparative Studies in the field of Labour Law and Industrial Relations (ADAPT)
Nov 30, 2018 to Dec 1, 2018
Bergamo, IT

International Congress on Insourcing of Public services

University of Valencia
Dec 13, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018
Valencia, ES

Can the Future of Work become its past? The transformation of the most fundamental social relationship of contemporary society

Contact group of the FNRS (National Fund for Scientific Research) on Employment and Social Emancipation | Catholic University of Leuven
Feb 1, 2019 to Jun 30, 2019
Various locations, BE

AIRAANZ 2019: ''Global Work, Quality Work"

AIRAANZ - Association of Industrial Relations Academics in Australia and New Zeland | RMIT University
Feb 12, 2019 to Feb 14, 2019
Melbourne, AU



Venice International University Graduate Seminar - Sustainable Social Security

European Institute of Social Security (EISS) | Catholic University of Leuven | Venice International University
Oct 8, 2018 to Oct 12, 2018
Venice, IT

The European Pillar of Social Rights: Ambiguities, Possibilities, Implementation

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) | Hugo Sinzheimer Institute
Oct 5, 2018
Amsterdam, NL

Solidarity and Conflict - European Social Law In Crisis - Concluding Lecture of the Fnr Lecture Series In European And Comparative Labour Law “The Effectiveness Of The European Social Model”

University of Luxembourg
Sep 28, 2018
Luxembourg, LU

Abolishing the Law?

University of Basel
Sep 13, 2018 to Sep 15, 2018
Basel, CH

Industrial Relations Europe Conference

Institute of Labour Law | Catholic University of Leuven
Sep 10, 2018 to Sep 12, 2018
Leuven, BE

Working on The Future of Labour Law

The Labour Paradigm
Aug 29, 2018 to Sep 2, 2018
San Vito dei Normanni, IT

Workplace Relations Lecture: Why are Australian wages lagging and what can be done about it? The Hon Professor Joe Isaac AO

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law
Aug 8, 2018
Carlton, AU

International Summer School on International Labour and Business law - Wages in Multinational Enterprises.

University of Padova
Jun 17, 2018 to Jun 24, 2018
Abano Terme, Monteortone, IT

Berkeley Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law Study Group Annual Conference 2018

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law | University of Melbourne
Jun 11, 2018 to Jun 12, 2018
Carlton, AU

Work and Employment in an Era of Platform Capitalism

Dauphine University - Paris
Jun 5, 2018 to Jun 6, 2018
Paris, FR