Digital And Smart Work - Fifteenth International Conference in Commemoration of Professor Marco Biagi

Marco Biagi Foundation
Mar 20, 2017 to Mar 21, 2017
Modena, IT

International Seminar– Precarious Work - Current reality and perspectives

University of Lodz - Faculty of Law and Administration
Mar 23, 2017 to Mar 24, 2017
Lodz, PL

2017 SERI OUTREACH: Is my Employer an Algorithm? Protections in Gig-Economy and Post-Industrial Corporations

May 18, 2017 to May 20, 2017
Rome, IT


University of Toronto
Jun 25, 2017 to Jun 27, 2017
Toronto, CA

The Future of Work: The Fifth Conference of the Regulating for Decent Work Network

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) | International Labour Organization | The University of Duisburg-Essen Institut Arbeit und Qualifikation (IAQ) | Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law | FairWRC | Durham University
Jul 5, 2017 to Jul 7, 2017
Geneva, CH

I International Congress Labour 2030 - Rethinking the future of work

Company and Labour Law Department | Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Jul 13, 2017 to Jul 14, 2017


Theorising Labour Law in a Changing World: New Perspectives and Approaches

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law | Maastricht University | Warwick University
Dec 13, 2016 to Dec 14, 2016
Maastricht, NL

The Subordination Dilemma and the Scope of EU Labour Law

University of Luxembourg
Nov 11, 2016
Luxemburg, LU


Carlos III University (Madrid)
Nov 11, 2016
Madrid, ES

The Future of Work: A Matter of Sustainability - A Discussion among Scholars, Experts and Practitioners through an Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach

Association for International and Comparative Studies in the field of Labour Law and Industrial Relations (ADAPT)
Nov 11, 2016 to Nov 12, 2016
Bergamo, IT

Special Session of the 28th Annual EAEPE Conference: Facilitating Sustainable Work: Theory and Practice

Manchester Industrial Relations Society | Association for International and Comparative Studies in the field of Labour Law and Industrial Relations (ADAPT)
Nov 3, 2016 to Nov 5, 2016
Manchester, GB

Theories of Domination and Labour Law: A New Conception for Legal Intervention?

University of Strathclyde
Oct 21, 2016
Glasgow, GB

Bratislava Legal Forum: Exercising and Protecting Social Rights in the 21st Century – Positive Commitment of the State

Department of Labour Law and Social Security Law
Oct 21, 2016 to Oct 22, 2016
Bratislava, SK

Legal Problems of Labour Migration And Flexible Forms of Employment: Current Challenges and Solutions

Labour Law Centre
Oct 21, 2016 to Oct 22, 2016
Minsk, BY

"Life Time Contracts": Rethinking Contract Law - International Conference

University of Luxembourg
Sep 30, 2016
Luxembourg, LU

The Current Social And Work Changes: New Challenges For The World Of Labour

Comunidad para la Investigacion y el Estudio Laboral y Ocupacional
Sep 30, 2016 to Oct 1, 2016
Oporto, PT