Bob Hepple Award for Lifetime Achievement in Labour Law

Nominations are now open for the next recipients of the LLRN Bob Hepple Award, to be presented at LLRN4 in Valparaíso on 23-25 June 2019. 

Nominations can be sent to the LLRN email address:, and should include reasons for the nomination of not more than 300 words in length. The deadline for nominations is the same as for the LLRN Call for Papers, 15 October 2018


We are in the process of finalising membership of the Nomination Committee and we will let you know as soon as that is confirmed. Information about past winners, and the Award guidelines, can be found below:


The Labour Law Research Network, representing the global community of labour law scholars, recognizes exceptional and longstanding contributions with the Bob Hepple Award for Lifetime Achievement in Labour Law. The Award was previously called the LLRN Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Labour Law. In 2015, the LLRN Advisory Committee decided to rename the Award in honour of the late Bob Hepple, one of the inaugural recipients of the Award, as a permanent reminder to all labour law colleagues of Bob's towering achievements. It was hoped that the renaming of the Award will in some small, symbolic way, help to ensure that Bob's generous spirit will always be with us.   

LLRN Award Guidelines 


LLRN Awards Recipients 2017

Prof. Katherine Stone


See the presentation remarks given by Prof. Julia Lopez (Pmpeu Fabra University of Barcelona) 

Prof. Kazuo Sugeno

 See the presentation remarks given by Prof. Matthew Finkin (University of Illinois) 


LLRN Awards Recipients 2015

 Prof. Silvana Sciarra

See the presentation remarks given by Prof. Mark Freedland (University of Oxford)


Prof. Manfred Weiss Prof. Manfred Weiss

See the presentation remarks given by Prof. Nicola Smit (North West University, South Africa)


LLRN Awards Recipients 2013

Prof. Bob Hepple (University of Cambridge)

See the presentation remarks given by Prof. Silvanna Sciarra (University of Florence)


Prof. Harry Arthurs (Osgoode Hall, York University, Canada).

See the presentation remarks given by Prof. Brian Langille (University of Toronto)