Helsinki Labour Law Research Group

Working life regulation is based on a multilayered norm system. There are multiple regulatory actors from international level to the single enterprise. These actors regulate labour law issues, based on their competences. There are similarly multiple actors as regards the interpretation of norms. Different actors like courts, enforcement authorities, social partners and single employers interpret individual norms. The multilayered norm system with multiple actors constitutes a broad and complex research area. The aim of our research is to increase and update understanding of current labour law norms, institutions, doctrines and the interaction mechanisms between various subsystems and related actors and to analyze them from a systematic perspective.

  • University of Helsinki
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The volume ´Employment and Private International Law´, edited by Ulla Liukkunen, has been published in the Private International Law Series of Edward Elgar Publishing in December 2020.

The book "International Labour Organization and Global Social Governance" edited by President Tarja Halonen and Ulla Liukkunen is now available.

The volume Collective Bargaining in Labour Law Regimes – A Global Approach edited by Professor Ulla Liukkunen (Springer 2019) offers comparative perspectives on collective bargaining regimes and the changes they are undergoing in twenty-one jurisdictions throughout the world.