Trade, Labour and Sustainable Development Leaving No One in the World of Work Behind


Tonia Novitz


Date added: 

Friday, April 26, 2024


Tonia Novitz's new book was published in the Edward Elgar Labour Law series, Trade, Labour and Sustainable Development: Leaving No One in the World of Work Behind. The book is now available in hard copy and as an e-book. The first chapter is also available online at: The flyer contains further information and access to a 35% discount. Abstract: Examining the relationship between trade and labour regulation in light of the pressing need to promote sustainable development, Tonia Novitz interrogates how international legal architecture could be reformed so that no one in the world of work gets left behind. She highlights the dangers of pursuing labour and environmental issues on parallel tracks without recognising how they interact, ultimately arguing for the crafting of the content and application of trade rules through participatory processes, which involve the inclusive representation of all sectors of the labour market and all parts of the world.