New PhD Fellowship at NUI Galway
‘Employment Relations and Labour Law’

Recently published by the Pretoria University Law Press:
Exploited, undervalued - and essential: Domestic workers and the realisation of their rights, edited by Darcy du Toit.

Hart Publishing has recently published "Discrimination, Equality and the Law" by Aileen McColgan.

Oxford University Press has just published "Voices at Work: Continuity and Change in the Common Law World", edited by Alan Bogg and Tonia Novitz

Wolters Kluwers has recently published a new book: 'Worker's Representation in Central and Eastern Europe. Challenges and Opportunities for the Works Councils' System'.

Routledge published a new book by Supriya Routh titled: "Enhancing Capabilities through Labour Law: Informal Workers in India".

LFB Scholarly Publishing has recently published a book by Jeffrey Kahana "The Unfolding of American Labor Law: Judges, Workers and Public Policy Across Two Political Generations".

Judy Fudge and Emily Grabham have launched the Gendering Labour Law Research Network and announced the publication of a special section of the open access journal feminists@law on the topic Gendering Labour Law.

The proceedings of the 2013 Marco Biagi Conference organised by the Marco Biagi Foundation have been published by Giappichelli as part of the Marco Biagi Foundation’s book series: 'The Transnational Dimension of Labour Relations. A New Order in the Making?' by E. Ales and I. Senatori.

See call for papers “The Evolution of Doctoral Education towards Industry and the Professions” promoted by the Harvard Kennedy-Belfer Center in collaboration with ADAPT for the special issue of the International Journal of Technology and Globalisation.