WTF Labour Law Summer Camp 2024

The second edition of the WTF Labour Law Summer Camp themed Disruption/Dissident Knowledges/Distribution will run from 8 to 11 July 2024, in Bari, Italy. Organized by the Moving Labour Collective, the summer camp is intended as a space for building and growing a critically engaged diverse and inclusive intellectual community of academics and researchers as well as trade uniοnists, labour and social activists.

The second edition of our summer camp aims to 1) reflect on the distributional and justice dimensions of the multiple crises (of care, ecology, global inequality, etc.) we face as a society, 2) consider how analyses and critiques grounded in “dissident knowledges” can help us interrogate and disrupt the capitalist logics that underpin them, and 3) attempt to reimagine and reassemble our visions of how work, labour and livelihoods are regulated. Envisioning possible futures by engaging with already existing, if submerged alternatives, and exploring new ones is made especially important in light of the pressures emerging in the time of a global rise of the far right, neo/fascism, and ethno-populism, the enduring racial/colonial capitalist dynamics, and the widespread crisis of ecology that provides our very basis of existence on Earth.

A full call for participation, together with detailed instructions on how to apply, will be launched mid-November, with a deadline in early 2024. In the meantime, please save the date.

Application: Jan 15, 2024