New report - Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence: Risks and Opportunities for Workers and Unions

This report offers valuable insights and recommends five essential principles to ensure that HRDD is institutionalised in a manner that drives meaningful change for workers in transnational supply chains.

The report is authored by:

Shelley Marshall, RMIT University

Ingrid Landau, Monash University

Hila Shamir, Tel Aviv University

Tamar Barkay, Tel Hai College

Judy Fudge, McMaster University

Auret van Heerden, Equiception

Importantly, the report underscores the importance of restoring power to workers as active participants in setting and enforcing labour standards. Through this roundtable, we aim to foster a meaningful dialogue that leads to actionable solutions for improving worker well-being and promoting fair labor practices.

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