NEW BOOK - Part-Time for All: A Care Manifesto - Jennifer Nedelsky and Tom Malleson

Part-Time for All: A Care Manifesto

This book is about the ways in which care work is devalued, and how that leads to deep inequalities as well as profound suffering for many families (especially women) who are overwhelmed with care responsibilities. The book also charts out how we can realistically achieve a more just world where care work is shared by everyone, on the basis of high quality, flexible, well-paid, part-time time work for all.

Praise for the book -

"Part-Time for All makes a powerful argument for a deep and revolutionary new ideal-one toward which we all should strive." -- Jane Mansbridge, Charles F. Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, Emerita, Harvard Kennedy School

"As Nedelsky and Malleson state: 'Deep structural changes for all will be needed to redress the long-standing devaluation of care.' Their proposals to restrict everyone's full-time work and to insist that everyone devote time to care is nothing short of revolutionary." -- Joan C. Tronto, Professor Emerita of Political Science, University of Minnesota

"In this timely book, Jennifer Nedelsky and Tom Malleson shed light on the paradox that while we all are aware of the importance of the social organization of care, it tends to be relegated to the shadows of exploitative work. Anyone who thought that empirical, structural realism and normative, utopian thinking are opposites, will know better after reading this manifesto. As the authors show powerfully, deeply rooted problems require radical thinking, grounded and humane." -- Rainer Forst, Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy, Goethe University Frankfurt

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