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The Research Department of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) is looking to hire a maternity cover for the period of October 2020 to March 2021. To ensure continuity in our legal research and support, and to broaden our knowledge in related fields, we are looking for a researcher with a background in European labour law or social security law. Most generally, the ongoing legal research at the ETUI seeks to understand how labour and social law is implemented, used and enforced as well as exploring new avenues and ways of regulation on the European as well as national levels. In close collaboration with the ETUI’s legal experts, you would help move existing research projects forward and deliver ad hoc support to the ETUC. Moreover, you would have the opportunity to conduct an own research project, possibly leading to an ETUI publication. Interested applicants are invited to suggest a research topic. We particularly welcome proposals on topical issues such as EU social security law, legal analysis of the EMU reforms, and/or the EU and national-level responses to COVID-19. One research question might be “What gaps in social security protection were exposed by the Covid-19 crisis that could be addressed in the upcoming discussions about reform of cross-border social security coordination?”. This is just an example; we are happy to consider proposals on other topics.
Requirements We expect you to have at least a Masters degree in labour and social law, and some prior experience in researching European and/or comparative labour law and/or social security law. In addition, candidates are expected to have: • knowledge of the European Union and the European institutions; • knowledge of the European trade unions; • excellent knowledge of English (working language).

Terms and conditions: The appointment will be for a 6-month maternity cover from October 2020 to March 2021. The ETUI offers a challenging and dynamic working environment, combining excellent academic standards with close contacts to European policy makers. For further information visit The ETUI offers good working conditions with a competitive salary and an attractive package of fringe benefits in line with qualifications and experience. For further information, please contact Head of Unit Aline Hoffmann: Interested candidates are asked to send us their CV as well as a proposed research project by 6 September 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Application: Sep 6, 2020
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