E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies - Volume 7, No. 1 January 2018

Italy’s Industry 4.0 Plan: An Analysis from a Labour Law Perspective
Francesco Seghezzi, Michele Tiraboschi

Industry 4.0 and Human Resources Development: A View from Japan
Michela Riminucci

Individual Differences in Interpersonal Deviance and the Mediating Role of Organizational Culture
Benjamin A. Olabimitan, David O. Okurame

The Process towards Labour Formalisation in Ecuador over the Last Decade
Raúl Lorente Campos, Adoración Guamán Hernández

Particular Aspects Regarding the Separation of Working Time from Rest Time for Offshore Workers Under Romanian Legislation in light of the Requirements laid down in Directive 2003/88/EC
Răzvan Anghel

From Competitive Corporatism to Embedded Austerity: Neoliberalism and Structural Reform in Greece during the Eurozone Crisis
Geoff Kennedy


Lithuanian Labour Reform: In Search of Balance
Aušra Bagdonaitė

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