Call for papers for Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal - fragmentation of labour law

This is a call for papers for a special issue on the fragmentation of labour law to be published in the Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal.

This special issue examines the challenges for labour laws’ effectiveness that arise from the interface between multiple sources of regulation and implementation institutions. Does such fragmentation undermine or enhance its effectiveness? How do workers and unions navigate the complexities laid out by the architecture of the rules and institutions governing work and employment? What are the strategies that courts, unions, workers centers and the labour inspectorate lay out to mitigate the effects of this complexity? Do such strategies lead to better work? Do they reduce levels of risks? Enhance the autonomy of workers? Allow for more worker voice?

Please submit your abstract (max 500 words, with title and details of author(s) and institutional affiliations) before July 1st 2023.

In accordance with the policy of the Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal, manuscripts will be submitted for peer review.

For abstract submission or questions, please email Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau,

Abstract submission: Jul 1, 2022