Papers and Digital Materials

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Aleydis Nissen Can WTO Member States Rely on Citizen Concerns to Prevent Corporations from Importing Goods Made from Child Labour? Aug 5, 2019
Isabelle Schömann Labour law reforms in Europe: adjusting employment protection legislation for the worse? Working paper Nov 19, 2014
Saeed Abadi, Ashraf Musavi, Mehdi Rezvan, Zahra Zamanian The conceptual evolution of labour law in Iran with the emphasis on flexicurity in labour market Working paper Jun 9, 2015
Abi Adams, Mark Freedland, Jeremias Prassl The ‘Zero-Hours Contract’: Regulating Casual Work, or Legitimating Precarity? Working paper Feb 15, 2015
Einat Albin, Virginia Mantouvalou The ILO Convention on Domestic Workers: From the Shadows to the Light Forthcoming in
Industrial Law Journal
Nov 22, 2011
Einat Albin The Case of Quashie: Between the Legalisation of Sex Work and the Precariousness of Personal Service Work Forthcoming in
Industrial Law Journal
Apr 5, 2013
Pnina Alon-Shenker, Guy Davidov Applying the Principle of Proportionality in Employment and Labour Law Contexts Forthcoming in
McGill Law Journal
Jul 19, 2013
Gordon Anderson, Tonia Novitz, Guy Sinclair DIGITAL: Retrospect and Prospect: Perspectives on the Changing Role of the International Labour Organization 25.11.19 Aug 28, 2020
Harry Arthurs Social Rights, Labour Rights and the Constitution: A Cautionary Tale from Canada Working paper Jan 21, 2015
Diamond Ashiagbor Unravelling the embedded liberal bargain: Labour and social welfare law in the context of EU market integration Forthcoming in
European Law Journal
Apr 22, 2013