Online seminar: Critical perspectives on the ILO: its role, efficacy and future


Dates and times: 

June 8, 2022 - 14:00


University of Cardiff
United Kingdom


The BSA Work, Employment and Economic Life Study Group (WEEL)
Presents an online seminar panel:

Critical perspectives on the ILO: its role, efficacy and future

Instabilities and pressures from ongoing geopolitical strife, mass population movement, climate crisis and Covid are affecting working people throughout the world. They have already had a far-reaching impact on employment, and exacerbate long-standing concerns about the apparently limitless power of MNCs to shape the employment relationship. Therefore this panel asks, what role does, should, or can the ILO take in the complex field of regulating employment and protecting workers’ rights in this crisis-ridden global labour market? Following the ILO’s recent centenary celebrations, and in advance of the upcoming change of leadership, this is a good time for critical reflection on the organisation’s ability to meet its original mandate in setting international labour standards.

Prof. Tonia Novitz:
Tonia Novitz is Professor of Labour Law at the University of Bristol Centre for Law at Work. Her research interests encompass labour rights, collective labour voice, international and EU trade, sustainability and migration.
Prof. Nicola Piper:
Nicola Piper is Professor of International Migration and Founding Director of the Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre at the University of Sydney. She is currently on secondment and British Academy Global Professor Fellow hosted by Queen Mary University of London’s School of Law (2019-2022).
Dr. Huw Thomas:
Huw Thomas is Lecturer in Work, Employment, Organization and Public Policy at the University of Bristol. His research focuses on the transnational politics of work and labour regulation.

Discussant: Prof. Jean Jenkins
Jean Jenkins is a co-director of WISERD and Professor of Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School. Her research focuses on labour rights, social justice and industrial relations in global supply chains. She is an Associate of Labour Behind the Label and the Clean Clothes Campaign and has contributed to a range of practitioner reports in collaboration with trade unions as well as academic books and journal publications in her field.

Wednesday 8th June 2022
14:00-15:30 (BST), via Zoom
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